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At PS/MS 183, our site staff works with 116 middle school students.  Victoria Jno-Baptist is our Program Director. Our students participate in a wide range and ever growing list of programs.

Victoria Jno-Baptist
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Our Programs


Lunch/Supper, Homework Help, S.T.E.M., Literacy, and Movement. 

Special Activities include Roller Skating, Gamification, Pottery, Cosmetology, DIY/Art, Music Production, Video Games, Dance, Basketball, Sports, Coding/3D Printing

All of our middle school students spend time each week learning about Financial Literacy and participating in the Harriman Student Economy.

two kids playing basketball

About Us


Harriman (SONYC) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to help our students build lifelong skills that will: support academic achievement, raise confidence, cultivate leadership skills, and empower them to achieve their greatest potential.

We provide NYC-funded after school enrichment activities and summer programs for students K-8 attending NYC schools. 

SONYC in Action
basketball on a wave
basketball on a wave
basketball team photo with coaches

New York Edge

New York Edge program

New York Edge is an Extended day after school program designed to give NYC children  skill-building activities that will improve academic performance, feelings about school, attendance, self-confidence, mental and physical well-being, character, and provide college and career preparation.

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